Our Projects

Our Projects The purpose of our various projects is a social adaptation of orphan children, shaping their happiness for life, building up their self-image and confidence by providing loving care […]

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İş Prinsiplərimiz

Sevgi dünyanın xilaskarıdır. Sevgi dostluqların nüvəsidir....

My bicycle

My bicycle Bicycle – every child’s dream Aims and Objectives: A bicycle is not just a dream for many children, but also a means of transportation, and even bread and […]

Scholarship for Orphans

Let’s give every orphan an opportunity to have an education Like every person and organisation that wants to make the smallest changes in the society in which they live, we […]

Healthy Spirits

Healthy Spirits “Healthy spirit, healthy body…” Aims and Objectives: “Cigir” PU implements this project with the support of volunteer doctors who diagnose and treat the orphans and their mothers, and […]

“Amanah…” (Trust)

Orphans are a trust of Allah to us.Allah’s trust sets the foundation of mercy and justice. It’s the duty of all of us to protect a trust.

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“Promoting a reading culture among youth and adolescents”

In 2021 Agency for State Support to NGOs of the Republic of Azerbaijan held a small grant competition. We thank the Advisory Board of the Agency for the transparency and […]