Our Work

Our Work

"Orphan's heart calls us for mercy."

Finding the way to their heart is the shortcut to the greater goals!

Our strategy branches out in 3 directions:

  1. Shine a light of hope for orphans;
  2. Stand up for the families to grow in confidence;
  3. Sustain and develop moral values in a society.

A healthy society is the one keeping its moral values.

Orphan is the mirror of society. Whilst connecting, empathising, honouring and elevating with orphans, we also aim at inviting others to work towards the preservation and development of spiritual values in the society. Doing and calling for charity, sharing, altruism is the basis of a healthy society.


The subject of orphans is the inner power that awakens the seeds of mercy in the hearts.

Our vision is protecting the moral values in the society, empowering the grounds of tolerance, mercy in society through putting especial emphasis on the orphans.

“CIGIR” aims at improving the wellbeing of 3 groups:

Orphans, Families, Society as a whole.

We direct our finances towards:

       1.Orphan sponsorship schemes;

       2.Sponsoring projects;

       3. Pool.

In addition to financially supporting orphans through sponsorship schemes, our projects aim at improving:


       2. Education;

       3. Health;

       4. Psychology.

The best training of the soul is to help others without expecting anything in return.

Through organising different events and activities on a regular bases and attracting volunteers to participate in, CIGIR offers the chance to everyone to contribute to a good cause and develop moral values. Everyone has a need to contribute and help. We as humans are the key component of nature we live in and nature continues to exist on the principles of contribution and functionality.