What is "CIGIR"?

"Let no question be left out."

Frequently asked questions about "CIGIR"

“CIGIR”, founded in 2015, is a registered local charitable organisation supporting over 2,000 orphans and their families in Azerbaijan. We empower children deprived of paternal care, provide financial and moral support to make positive changes to their lives.

We run orphan sponsorship schemes, work projects on education projects, social and psychological welfare, as well as, health and wellbeing projects for our orphans. We also organise fun educational events and excursions to help children explore and grow independently whilst being surrounded by “CIGIR” family. Other directions of work include repair and construction of the houses of some orphan children.

Our main source of funding comes from donations and sadaqa made by charitable individuals and organisations. We also raise funds through charity bake sales (kermes), publicity and by hosting conferences/events.

Donating your money is not the only way you can support Cigir and our cause. You also can donate your time, your ideas and skills to make a positive impact and support the causes you believe in.

Donation methods – Volunteering activities