About us

About us

“Love yourself, love your brother, love your country… Let your world change”
Who we are:

Cigir, founded in 2015, is a registered local charity organisation supporting over orphans and their families in Azerbaijan. We empower children deprived of paternal care, provide financial and moral support to make positive changes to their lives.

Our Work:

In 2015, with a handful of women, we started this journey shoulder to shoulder believing that this ‘path’ will be a source for other goodwill initiatives. We realised that everyone has a ‘need’ to do a voluntary humanitarian aid. In CIGIR, the women who see the purpose of life in being useful, in helping without expecting anything in return get together to work for the same cause. Everyone contributes in different ways to support this cause: sisters with medical education take on ensuring health & treatment of our orphan children; teachers and educators take the responsibility of checking on children’s studies and assuring that they are catching up, whilst stimulating their interest in the subject, and housewives embrace our cause by preparing pastries for the charity bake sales.

Our Mission:

“Let everyone to find a place for themselves in the “boat of goodness” according to one’s abilities and will.” We lead a series of events for the spiritual well-being and psychological rehabilitation of our orphan children. Our intention is to increase their self-esteem by emboldening them to interact with other orphans, build new relationships and reconnect to society. We address to every individual in society through our charity events and encourage people to spend their leisure time in the race for good.

The World smiles when an orphan smiles.

Orphans fed by care will net the World with Love...