Volunteer Application Form

Volunteer Application Form

Join us!

Hurry to help those who need your love to change their life. It is the greatest blessing to hold a special place in orphans’ hearts. Donate your time, your energy, your skills to a good cause. To put it the way Our Book refers as ‘with your possessions and your soul’ give to charity. We need to be grateful for every breath we take. Let’s give gratitude by heartening orphans who are Allah’s ‘trusts’ bestowed upon us and bringing a smile to their face. The guardian of an orphan is Allah, the owner is Allah…


What are you taking with you to the hereafter, what is your purpose of life? Hurry to your creator with the good deeds to please Him who created you in your best state. This is the purpose of your creation. Imagine you died… Wouldn’t you want your initial steps towards death to begin with the glimpse of flowers?


Join us to support the orphans whose name have been mentioned in the Quran in 23 different ayahs.


We are excited and look forward to working together with you!

Graphic Design

There are two different branches within the graphic design team. First one includes making brochures, posters for the publicity of the events and projects CIGIR NGO runs. The other branch focuses on graphic design tutoring to our young “trusts” (orphans).

Social Media Management

The responsibilities of the role include: posting announcements and news on social media, SMM, taking photos, recording videos at our events and editing them.

Volunteering as a tutor in our “Salam yurdu” teaching centre for our orphan children, where you teach school subjects of your choice and/or take part in the creative activities.

"Şirin qiraət" book cafe

Helping out in our profit-for-good book cafe under CIGIR charity organisation, whose all the profits are being spent for our orphans.

"Mülk" grocery store

Volunteering as a shop assistant in the “Mulk” grocery store under CIGIR charity organisation, whose 100% proceeds go to charity for our orphan children to meet their needs.

"If I was not 'breathe' here, why would I come?" 🙂

“Hello. My name is Muhammed. I work here as a volunteer graphic designer. Being a volunteer in CIGIR requires one to be able to smile at any moment, to run at every job and to know that you can do any job. Nobody would tell you this, but you would have thirst for it. If they were to give you money for this job, it wouldn’t be as delightful.”
Muhammed Beraat
Graphic Design Team Leader


In addition to the aforementioned opportunities, you can also research our other activities and events, select an area that you think is most aligned with your interest, speciality or ability and get involved in the organisation and/or implementation of those initiative projects.

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