Sponsoring Projects

Sponsoring Projects

“Only by sharing love, we can allow our loved ones to see the potential in themselves.”

Projects are the shining light of the orphans.

Besides providing financial support to our orphan children and their families, we also have a wide variety of projects aspiring to shine light on the spiritual world of the children, to soften and relieve their hearts, educate and broaden their minds to look at the world from a different perspective. Being surrounded by kids of similar fate helps these kids to adapt to the society more easily.

Losing a father is an immense pain.

And this causes various psychological and social problems among kids, such as shyness, introversion, communication problems etc.


Projects aimed at sharing love with orphan children cause a positive change in their character.

Bringing orphans together and playing with them therapeutic games, organising educational contests, and most importantly planting seeds of love in their hearts facilitates change in their aggressive qualities and harmonises the timid, broken hearts of orphans.


Among realised projects annually, the ones concentrated around therapy, education and learning take precedence.

Our projects can be divided into 3 parts:

  • Realised Projects;
  • Projects requiring ongoing application;
  • Projects awaiting finances.

You can get more information about the projects from here.

The best training of the soul is to help others without expecting anything in return.

Through organising different events and activities on a regular bases and attracting volunteers to participate in, CIGIR offers the chance to everyone to contribute to a good cause and develop moral values. Everyone has a need to contribute and help. We as humans are the key component of nature we live in and nature continues to exist on the principles of contribution and functionality.