Volunteering activities

Volunteer activities

"A smile connects the World through an universal language."

Let’s transform into goodness together...

One of the key work principles of CIGIR is voluntary activities. Volunteering means a healthy development of society and is essential for a community to build on solid foundations. The trend in the community towards consumerism while increasing people’s interest to earn more, it also leads to the deterioration of moral values in society and a nation not rooted in its moral values is doomed to depression.

“One creates himself in the world of meaning.”

On the other hand, voluntary activity is based on the principle of giving without expecting anything in return. Happiness, contrary to the conventional view that it lies in earning more and enjoying a comfortable life, it is rather a feeling that is gained by being useful. Helping, sharing, loving, selflessness cleanses the soul of the human being and keeps one away from all the negatives that cause anarchy, chaos, anger, and hatred.

“The most important treasure of one’s life is its purpose and someone who owns that wouldn’t lose it.”

In modern psychology, a voluntary activity can be evaluated as a manner of altruism. Altruistic lifestyle is putting others’ wishes and desires before one’s own. In the religious context, this notion is regarded as a ‘Muhsin’ way of life. ‘Muhsin’ is understood as ‘the most beautiful’. ‘Al-Muhsin’ is also one of the Creator’s names. In the Quran, the essence of doing good is explained to be pro bono, where one expects nothing in return to his giving. “We wish not from you reward or gratitude” [76:9] should be the response of a person with a good deed to the one thanking him. An altruist, however, continues this further to call others to this ‘beauty’.

“We can discover our true self by looking at what we make out of our life. While some climb the mountains to see the world, others climb to let the world see them.”

An altruist or a volunteer uses his skills and knowledge to benefit others without expecting anything in return. CIGIR endeavours to support orphans and their families to meet their domestic and personal needs and so wide scope of opportunities are available from professionals to housewives to contribute to a great cause. Extensive volunteering is an indication of the development of moral values in society.

While giving, one herself turns into goodness.

After contacting us and providing information about yourself, our representative helps you to find the right-fit volunteering opportunity in CIGIR according to your personal abilities and skills. Through organising different events and activities on a regular basis and attracting volunteers to participate in, CIGIR offers the chance to everyone to contribute to a good cause and develop moral values. Everyone has a need to contribute and help. We as humans are the key component of nature we live in and nature continues to exist on the principles of contribution and functionality.