“Promoting a reading culture among youth and adolescents”

“Promoting a reading culture among youth and adolescents”

In 2021 Agency for State Support to NGOs of the Republic of Azerbaijan held a small grant competition. We thank the Advisory Board of the Agency for the transparency and efficiency of this competition.

Following the theme of the competition “Supporting initiatives to promote science, education, culture and patriotism”, our project “Promoting a reading culture among youth and adolescents” was selected as the winner. 

Immediately after the approval of the project, we held a Zoom meeting where volunteers discussed and gave suggestions about the tasks. Also, a division of responsibilities of volunteers and a plan of activities to be carried out were developed.

The project is expected to last six months. Yegana Mirzayeva, chairperson of “Cigir” public union, expressed her impressions about the value and attention paid to the project proposed by young people, spoke about the invaluable missions of young people in the development of our society, and expressed hope that the project will open new pages in the lives of teenagers and young people.

Throughout the project, affiliation with many official institutions and youth organisations is planned.

As “Cigir” volunteers, we will put a great effort with the hope of encouraging young people to read, to get involved in the community activities and broaden their horizons. We express our deep gratitude to non-governmental organizations and the State Agency for the opportunities created for our youth. Afterwards, a meeting was held with volunteers at the “Fidan” student girls’ home and the “Munir” youth centre operating under the “Cigir” public union.

Every inch of our country is dear to us. The implementation of the project in the regions most affected by the war – Ganja, Tartar, Barda and Gabala, Sheki, Ismayilli, Oguz – where most of our registered orphan children live, increases our responsibility. Volunteers’ great enthusiasm gives us confidence that we will be able to execute the project successfully!