Healthy Spirits

Healthy Spirits

“Healthy spirit, healthy body…”

Aims and Objectives:

“Cigir” PU implements this project with the support of volunteer doctors who diagnose and treat the orphans and their mothers, and also helps them obtain the necessary medicine.

Our volunteer students try to cheer up the children and give them moral support to not to feel lonely during treatments in the hospital.

“Natural forces within us are the true healers of disease.” Hippocrates

About the project:

During home visits and events, medical forms are distributed, after the information is collected, it is evaluated in the appropriate sections based on the application and sent by volunteers to the appropriate bodies.

To cover the medication, travel costs, our volunteers regularly hold “50 penny tree” (50 penny payment to the project fund every week) and “Be a light with your book!” (second-hand book sales) projects.

Areas of medical assistance:

  • Examination: diagnosis by professional doctors (pediatrician, ophthalmologist, gastroenterologist, traumatologist, neurologist, dermatologist, dentist, endocrinologist);
  • Treatment: prescribing treatment according to the diagnosis;
  • Surgery: performing the appropriate operation by a professional doctor;
  • Provision of medicines: buying prescription medicines;
  • Psychological support: support by psychologists in psychological centers;
  • Hospitalization: hospitalization of the mother or child in certain cases or support to the mother or child who is regularly hospitalized;
  • Diagnostic examination: USM, MRI, X-ray, ECG, encephalogram, etc .;
  • Analyzes: providing the required analyzes by specialists;
  • Glasses supply: Glasses prescribed by an ophthalmologist.

The project “Healthy Spirit” also hold a number of events:

  1. “Examination and medication for children suffering from ASTHMA”
  2. Speech therapist support and psychological assistance to children with speech disorder
  3. “Shafa” (healing) – 1 and “Shafa” (healing) – 2 projects (adenoidectomy and tonsillectomy surgeries. These projects were realized with the financial support of the Nargiz Foundation: a total of 78 children were examined, 28 of them underwent surgery, and 18 children were going to have surgery at the next stage.)
  4. Blood test- “diagnosis of thalassemia carriers” project was implemented