Scholarship for Orphans

Scholarship for Orphans

Let’s give every orphan an opportunity to have an education

Like every person and organisation that wants to make the smallest changes in the society in which they live, we as a Cigir family also hold on to the value of creating a positive impact for people. In this regard, we have been investing a great amount of effort in education for many years and aim to build a better future for orphans in Azerbaijan.

We gathered people around us to share this challenging yet important mission. To provide every orphan with quality education, we launched the Scholarship for Orphans program.

  • Who is eligible for the scholarship?

Among our registered orphans in our non-profit organisation, those who are willing and diligent to study are awarded a scholarship. We regularly hold Zoom meetings with scholarship beneficiaries to discuss their progress.

–  First, we contact our registered orphans who are in the final year of their school and collect data about their higher education plans.

– Then, we search for donors and philanthropists, and hold charity sales to fund the scholarship program.

– Finally, we deliver scholarships to orphans from every part of Azerbaijan.


Some of our scholars who are students now

The year 2018, out of 700 points:

Shamsiyya Manafova – 491 points– ASPU, History teaching

Khadija Karimli – 448 points– AUL, Regional studies

The year 2019, out of 700 points:

Sevil Mamedova – 501 points– BSU, Biology teaching

Gulchin Habibullayeva – 609 points– ASOIU, Computer Engineering (English)

The year 2020, out of 700 points:

Nuray Mamishova – 552 points– ADA, State and public relations

Leyla Habibullayeva – 452 points– BMU, Teaching mathematics and computer science (English)

The year 2021, out of 700 points:

Samira Mammadova – 627.7 points – APA, İnternational Relations

Rufat Javadzada – 480 points – ASOIU, Business Adminstration (English)

Aydan Majidova – 466 points – Khazar University, Psychology (English)

Our dear compatriot, education is the future. Let’s build a better future together.