Warm Nest

Warm Nest

Every stone laid is the foundation of the building of love…

Aims and Objectives:

The “Warm Nest” project works to improve the living conditions of our amanahs. As the name of the project suggests, our goal is to work towards building warm nests for our orphan children to feel comfortable and safe. 

“Every wall painted is a dream that blooms…”

About the project:

Within the framework of the project, damaged and uninhabitable houses are being repaired so that our amanahs living in difficult housing conditions can live a healthy life. The construction of the roof, repair/replacement of bathrooms and toilets, setting up gas, water, electricity in the house, purchase of heating equipment, bathroom accessories are the services included in this project.

In 2019, at the initiative of the management of SMTS LLC, the 3 families’ houses under the auspices of “Cigir” non-profit organisation were built. The living rooms, bathrooms, kitchens and corridors of all three houses have been completely renovated.