The Gardener’s Garden

The Gardener's Garden

“Mercy in every heart…”

Aims and objectives:

One of our social entrepreneurship projects aimed at positive change in our society is the “Gardener’s Garden” floriculture project.

As part of the “Gardener’s Yard” project, our volunteers and orphan students are engaged in the cultivation, social media marketing and sale of various hand-picked indoor plants and flowers.

As in other social entrepreneurship projects, the income from the sale of plants in the “Gardener’s Garden” is used to finance Cigir’s projects. In addition, the project aims to create job opportunities in the future for both orphan students and young people who want to stand on their own two feet. The young people working on the project will be provided with an income.

Taking care of a plant requires responsibility and compassion from us. Therefore, the project is based on the motto “mercy in every heart” and instills these values in people.

Besides, nature is the first place we turn to to enrich our science and our spirit. We observe that people living in harmony with nature are spiritually healthy, peaceful and wise. In particular, we encourage our young volunteers and orphans who come to Baku from the regions to study to make direct contact with the land and understand the importance of living in harmony with nature. 

Therefore, together with the orphans we plant, care for and study every plant which we sell.

Mercy in every heart…

About the project:

First of all, we contact a number of large florist centers, give detailed information about our project and purpose, and buy decorative flowers at a special discount.

A volunteer team of student orphans, youth and ladies take care of the plants and pack them.

The media team posts real photos of the flowers and detailed information about them on the social media account. On certain dates, volunteers go out to the streets to sell flowers.

Address: 63A Asad Ahmadov st.,Yasamal district, Baku, Azerbaijan.

İnstagram: @bagbanin_bagcasi

Phone number: +994 55 868 08 52