Smell of Books

"Smell of Books"

Today’s real universities are the libraries.

Aims and Objectives:

Excessive use of digital technology unfortunately has led people to move away from libraries and leave them empty. The lack of interest of adults in books and libraries passes on to the children as well. While the information that can enhance one’s outlook is easily accessible by technological means, the aesthetic and literary pleasure of books and the energy one gets from the book is irreplaceable. We believe that with this project we can inspire a lasting love of reading in children, create a love in them to the library environment, to the fragrance of the book, and by doing so we offer a more efficient way of spending free time by connecting to the libraries and books, avoiding bad habits and harmful games.

“It’s not possible distant from the wrong action, without first showing the right way.”

About the project:

We take a group of children to the library nearby where they live, each borrows a book from library and reads it within a specified time frame, take short notes and in the next meeting we come together again to discuss their readings. At the end of the project, children get awarded with different prizes based on their active participation.