Let’s embrace the first command of the “Book”…

Aims and Objectives:

Whetting children’s appetite for reading and learning is teaching them the first command of the Book from a very young age. Reading is essential to be a good speaker, to convey your ideas accurately and fluently. Each book you read helps you to shape your life. With this project, we aim at communicating the message of “Books are your best friend” to our orphan children. We continuously put emphasis on the importance of books, however, without having someone to read them, especially children and youth, books are useless pieces of paper. Therefore, it is crucial to give books as presents to the kids to engage their attention to the books and ultimately benefit the society as a whole. Teaching our orphan children to love reading will enrich their mind with good thoughts, develop their ability to analyse and reflect and inspire them to do great things in life.

“Books are our best friends.”

About the project:

The project begins with children being presented with books. Initially we talk about the books and pens and explain the importance and benefits of reading in human life. This follows by speeches about a book and how it’s made; and children’s play based on the book they have read, ‘leaping out of the page and onto the stage’. At the end of the project, children take part in an exam on the books they got as presents and winners get awarded.