“Through empowerment we will get stronger…”

Aims and Objectives:

To enhance and lift up the children whose fathers passed away and their widowed mothers, we believe that it is important to make them aware of their strength and convince them of their ability. We have always attached a great importance on giving women economic freedom. The “Conscientious” project is one of our projects allowing single mothers to gain economic freedom through their work and skills, aiming to strengthen and help them feel valued. 

In the first years of our work, the main target group was paternal orphan children. Of course, in families that have lost the head of the family, it would not be right to deal only with the moral, educational and psychological problems of children, it was important to support mothers in professional or entrepreneurial activities so that the family could stand on its own two feet.An economically strong mother can raise a healthy minded child who can change the world for the better.

The “Conscientious” project is a call to the spiritual world of those who value their mother’s work. The value that a person gives to hard work is important for the formation of personality. Mother is conscientious – she raises her child with hard work. You are conscientious – you value hard work and become a benefactor of a family.

Through empowerment we will get stronger…

About the project:

Economically free and strong – hard working widow mothers bring their homemade winter stockpiles, organic fruits and vegetables to the “Mulk” social enterprise for sale. Thereby, whether they live in Baku and other cities or in the countryside, villages, widow mothers get a chance to stand on their own two feet and help our customers to do good.

By appreciating the hard work of the mothers who prepared those food at home with full of hope, you get the opportunity to be the light for the family that looks forward to the future and to society with confidence and hope.

For us the products conscientious mothers bring for sale are more than what they just are. We value the economic position of a single woman, the pure look in the eyes of her child, the healthy well-being of the family.