“Baku, we have guests!”

Imagine orphans who, when asked “What is your biggest dream?” the response they gave was “Seeing the sea”…

Aims and Objectives:

The ultimate goals of this project are enlighten children, widen their outlook, teach them friendship and love, make orphans happy and show kids how much society loves them. This project also allows for orphan children from different regions to get together and make friendships.

“We wish that in the future they will also sustain and convey this morality.”

About the project:

Since 2016, each summer for three days, we bring orphan children from various regions of Azerbaijan, who haven’t been to Baku or never got chance to go for sightseeing while in Baku. During this three days of being our guests in Baku, we tour them around the city, and based on the programme set by our volunteer psychologists and teachers, we play various therapy, fun indoor and outdoor games, watch kids movie together in the evenings and have heart-warming conversations with them.