Amber Soap

Amber Soap

“Aesthetically pleasing…”

Aims and Objectives:

Amber Soap brings together young people and female volunteers who produce and sell decorative soaps with fragrant and essential oils.

Our volunteers make the decorative soaps, design them in various creative concepts, our media team take stellar product photographs, post them on social media and sell them.

The revenue generated from the sale of these soaps play a small but important role in funding cultural and educational projects, as well as in the purchase of equipment needed for the running of our association.

Together we witness the moments when art and aesthetics meet with kindness, creating an environment where creative young people and women are able to bring out their artistics souls.

“Aesthetically pleasing…”

About the project:

On a regular basis, we facilitate empowerment workshops and vocational training for our youth and female volunteers, and learn about the techniques of creating art products.

In one of these training sessions, we noticed the special attention of our volunteers to soap making and decided to turn this into a social entrepreneurship project and add it to our ongoing projects.

For more than 2 years, “Amber Soap” has been attracting new faces and new hands, growing, becoming more professional and contributing to our nonprofit organisation.

These soaps decorates our tables at charity sales organized by “Cigir” nonprofit organisation, as well as at other local and international exhibitions, and attracts people’s attention.