Support an orphan

Support an orphan

Thank you for the opportunity to become closer to an orphan with the help we provide and help you with the orphan laugh so that you can smile.

Start by selecting the appropriate support method.

Below we have two ways of thinking that we can be in line with our goodwill. Choose what is best for you according to the type and purpose of the help you are doing;

1) Be a Protector;

However, it is a sponsor (sponsor) who is a member of the reference (interview) to meet the monthly needs of a known orphan. You can support the orphan’s needs (school supplies, food, etc.) by paying a certain amount each month.

Detailed information is on the following page.

2) emergency support;

This type of assistance is a donation method for work that needs to be done very urgently. It is a help system created for immediate emergencies. Investigate the current ambulance (if any) and show the help you need.

I want to be a philanthropist I want to be an Emergency