“Salam Yurdu” teaching centre

"Salam yurdu"

Knowledge is ocean…

About the project:

Education is the key focus area that the CIGIR family is taking care of. Due to financial difficulty, many of the families of our orphan children are unable to afford essential private tuition outside of school. Hence, with the help of our enthusiastic volunteer teachers and university students, “Salam yurdu” teaching centre operates to provide academic support to our orphans. As well as the school subjects, we also offer creative classes and a range of extracurricular activities for our orphan children to discover their inner world within.

“Qüvvət elmdədir başqa cür heç kəs, heç kəsə üstünlük eyləyə bilməz.” (Nizami Gəncəvi)

Lessons and activities:

At the “Salam yurdu” teaching centre we offer a wide range of courses. These include primary school prep classes, national curriculum subjects, language courses (Russian & English), IT classes, “Conversation Club” and etc. In addition to this, we also run Creativity, Culture & the Arts clubs.

Masterclasses – These classes give young adults an opportunity to develop crafting skills and improve concentration. Through the art therapies, we try to help our orphan children to improve social adaptation and develop creative skills.

“Revival” Pantomime Troupe – Young orphans’ pantomime troupe adds a modern touch to classic plays and bring a new life to them, appealing to a modern audience.

“Chirag” young psychologists –  The series of fun mindfulness activities for our orphan children to develop fundamental personality traits, improve mental health and wellbeing, and also create an interest in human psychology and its study.

Movie time – Movies are the easiest means of passing thoughts to a wider audience in our time. We hold movie hours with our young orphans and students to compare and analyse different viewpoints, develop empathy to movie characters, and to widen our perspectives through discussions.

Guided Reading Groups– Books are a very valuable form of self-expression of human thought. Heartily accepting the motto “Today’s real universities are libraries”, we hold regular bibliotherapy events to nourish the spirit of both our ‘amanah’ (orphans) and young people. In a group, discussing and reflecting on the books increases self-confidence and motivation, forms the ability to freely express ideas, improves logical and critical thinking, and most importantly, allows all of us to discover our inner world together.

“Marifat club” – “Marifat” (Being Enlightened) is the same as being ‘Arif’ (Wise). It is to be able to see the unseen… The purpose of this club is to teach the first steps to a journey of thousand miles and be a light in the darkness…

“Story time” – Teacher retells fairy tales and fables to a group of orphan children and together they explore the meanings behind them.

“Paint” – Let’s hurry to discover the most beautiful colours of our inner world! You are invited to paint both yourselves and the world around you in the colour of love.

Address: 63A Asad Ahmadov str, Yasamal province, Baku

Contact number: +994 77 324 61 22; +994 12 432 61 22.

“Be a wave of this ocean…”

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