“Mulk” social enterprise store


“Blessed is He in Whose hand is Dominion (Mulk), and He is over all things competent.”

(Surah Al-Mulk, 1)

Aims and Objectives:

“Mulk” social enterprise store is the first and only one of its kind in Azerbaijan. As a social enterprise retail store – “Mulk”, our subsidiary trading center, was born from the hard work and dedication of a handful of women. Every bit of shopping in our store will give you a chance to meet your own needs and support the needs of others at the same time. “Mulk” social enterprise retailer is managed by volunteer women and young people and in there you can find a wide range of products, from household appliances to food, clothing and hygiene items etc.

It has been over 6 year now that every morning we wake up with new project ideas to encourage people to do good for others. This mission has become our lifestyle and has encouraged us to find creative alternatives to existing traditional fundraising projects. It was necessary to start thinking about different nonprofit social enterprise ideas that would benefit people. With the increase of newly registered orphans and widows to our charity day-to-day, it became essential for us to find other sources of funding in addition to donations to be able to support them both financially and morally.

We decided to give people the opportunity to turn everyday purchases into a force for good. For this purpose we launched this shop for a cause fundraiser which allows people to contribute to Cigir nonprofit organization by making the same, everyday purchases they normally would such as food, hygiene products, clothing and other groceries.

When you shop, we donate…

Aims and Objectives:

We calculate the total monthly profit of the “Mulk” social enterprise store, subtract the cost of goods sold and other expenses, reinvest the required portion of the profits back into the business. The remaining profit is invested in the “Pool” fund. We use the money collected in the Pool to fund the activities of Cigir non-profit organisation.

The social enterprise retailer takes its name from the first verse of Surah Mulk in Quran: “Blessed be He in Whose hands is Dominion (Mulk) […]”. From the first day of its establishment, the store gives people a chance to make their daily purchases in a ‘halal’ way, invest in a cause they aim to support and make a positive change in the lives of both single mothers and young people in our society.

If the idea of changing the world while preparing delicious meals for your family at home or buying stationery items for your children attracts you, you can visit our social enterprise store!

"Mulk" social enterprise store opening video:

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